Have you KISS-ed your emails lately?

Yes, you are right. I strongly believe that a KISS-ed email stands a better chance of getting read than an email that isn't.  While the acronym KISS gained its notoriety in a different context,  I am using two of its variations for the purpose of this post: KISS - Keep It Short and Simple / Keep … Continue reading Have you KISS-ed your emails lately?


How to Write Conversationally

So my last post talked about lists and tables and I felt a sense of gratification that my readers find my content useful.  Thank you all! I know that I was (mia) - missing in action - for about a week, but the “second wind” can create winners! Writing conversationally sounds easy enough, since we … Continue reading How to Write Conversationally

Lists and Tables Simplify Life!

Have you ever tried writing a document - especially for the web - that ends up being too long or wordy? Well, here's a tip.  Break up your content by placing it in lists or tables. Using lists and tables appropriately, allows you to cut down on prose and make your writing easier for your web readers … Continue reading Lists and Tables Simplify Life!

Eye-Catching Headings Get Noticed!

Our world as we know it is full of quiet noises. The web, and its millions of websites and blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts, and everything in between, feeds us constant diets of sometimes unpalatable content. As a web consumer, you are also a web writer. This means that somebody reads your content.  What can … Continue reading Eye-Catching Headings Get Noticed!

Grammar Rules? Maybe!

Tip #4 - Be Grammatically Correct (but break the rules...sometimes) Let’s face it...English grammar rules could be daunting at times because there are just so many of them! Most people will do some form of web writing in their lifetime, including you.  So why not aspire to write well?  When you decide to pen your next … Continue reading Grammar Rules? Maybe!

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Define Your Audience

Defining your audience, the focus of this blog post, should set the appropriate tone for your next web writing project.  In this context, we are all writing for the Web.  So, be encouraged to write compelling stories and have awesome conversations with your intended audience.  As digital communicators, its key for all of us! Tip#1- … Continue reading Define Your Audience