What’s your Twitter IQ!

Twettiquette or twittiquette may soon be added in the next revision of the Oxford English Dictionary, just as new words like twerk and crowdfund were added to the dictionary's June 2015 update. Short for Twitter etiquette, twettiquette is a slang used to describe acceptable "Twitter" behaviour, according to webopedia. I like to think of it as a measurement of Twitter IQ. … Continue reading What’s your Twitter IQ!


Have you KISS-ed your emails lately?

Yes, you are right. I strongly believe that a KISS-ed email stands a better chance of getting read than an email that isn't.  While the acronym KISS gained its notoriety in a different context,  I am using two of its variations for the purpose of this post: KISS - Keep It Short and Simple / Keep … Continue reading Have you KISS-ed your emails lately?