To Blog or Not to Blog – Is That The Question?

It's been fun creating this blog and filling it with content. But I am now at a bittersweet crossroad.  Should I continue blogging? Should I continue blogging on this topic? Until I started this blog, I never thought that would ever be a question that I would ask myself. If I choose not to continue, I … Continue reading To Blog or Not to Blog – Is That The Question?


Blog Like a Miniskirt!

What do you think a blog and a miniskirt have in common? I, too, couldn't make the connection at first.  However, I kept the image in mind and kept on reading.  By now, if you are thinking "length" then you are on the right track. According to A. Handley in her book, Content Rules, a … Continue reading Blog Like a Miniskirt!

How to Write Conversationally

So my last post talked about lists and tables and I felt a sense of gratification that my readers find my content useful.  Thank you all! I know that I was (mia) - missing in action - for about a week, but the “second wind” can create winners! Writing conversationally sounds easy enough, since we … Continue reading How to Write Conversationally

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Define Your Audience

Defining your audience, the focus of this blog post, should set the appropriate tone for your next web writing project.  In this context, we are all writing for the Web.  So, be encouraged to write compelling stories and have awesome conversations with your intended audience.  As digital communicators, its key for all of us! Tip#1- … Continue reading Define Your Audience