5 Tips for Crafting Compelling Brand Stories

In my last post, I wrote about content marketing your brand. This week, I decided to write on a related topic - brand story-telling. Today, the more I look at brands owned by small and medium-sized business, I am not convinced that they are telling their brand stories well. And if they are, are their … Continue reading 5 Tips for Crafting Compelling Brand Stories


Have you KISS-ed your emails lately?

Yes, you are right. I strongly believe that a KISS-ed email stands a better chance of getting read than an email that isn't.  While the acronym KISS gained its notoriety in a different context,  I am using two of its variations for the purpose of this post: KISS - Keep It Short and Simple / Keep … Continue reading Have you KISS-ed your emails lately?

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Define Your Audience

Defining your audience, the focus of this blog post, should set the appropriate tone for your next web writing project.  In this context, we are all writing for the Web.  So, be encouraged to write compelling stories and have awesome conversations with your intended audience.  As digital communicators, its key for all of us! Tip#1- … Continue reading Define Your Audience