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Tanyers Web Writing is a blog written, researched and posted solely by the author, Andrea Myers-Tanguay.  The content is for public consumption, but more specifically, for anyone engaged in writing content for the web.


Participation in the blog is voluntary and personal information is not required to consume or comment on its content. Therefore, to protect your privacy, do not post any personal or private information, including email addresses or phone numbers in your comments, especially if your intention is keep your details private.


I will include a minimum number of useful links in this blog, solely for further information and to fortify the content. They do not represent my official or personal endorsement, unless otherwise stated. In addition, I do not control any requests for personal information solicited by external content providers in order to access their material.  I do not guarantee accuracy of the linked content, nor can I vouch for the source.

Importantly, Tanyers Web Writing adheres to the Canadian Anti-Spam Law and does not spam, but sends blog details to persons who have given their expressed consent, including fellow students, whose consent came by way of their membership in the this class.  For this purpose, I also send invitations to persons within my social media network.


Tanyers Web Writing will not knowingly post for public viewing, copyrighted material, without the expressed consent of the copyright holder. All photographs will be given the proper attributions, as far as possible.


You are welcome to leave comments at anytime.  However, I moderate all comments. That is, I review and approve them within 24 hours of being posted. I will not post inappropriate comments, nor comments that do not fit the blog’s intent.  These decisions are based on my sole discretion.


I am inspired to write this blog and all its contents.  I have not been paid or compensated in any way, to include any information, links or overall content.

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