What’s your Twitter IQ!

tweetTwettiquette or twittiquette may soon be added in the next revision of the Oxford English Dictionary, just as new words like twerk and crowdfund were added to the dictionary’s June 2015 update. Short for Twitter etiquette, twettiquette is a slang used to describe acceptable “Twitter” behaviour, according to webopedia.
I like to think of it as a measurement of Twitter IQ. Both individuals and businesses must tune-up their Twitter IQs to better engage customers and articulate their brand.

Twitter Statistics

Today, the statistics on Twitter users are staggering!

According to Twitter, there are 255 million active Twitter users generating more than 500 million tweets per day, that includes individuals and businesses.The big question remains, how to get your message about your brand seen and read, above all the noise.


With only 140 characters in which to deliver your brand message, including links, how do you increase brand visibility? The recommendations online are many, but I like these suggestions from Twitter:

  1. Create a profile for your business using bios, photos and other means to show the world who you are.
  2. Build a content strategy which includes writing tweets that spark conversations with your followers and keep them engaged
  3. Measure – set measurable goals so you can test success over time

How are some more Twitter suggestions:

  • Know the difference between voice and tone. Voice doesn’t change, but your company’s tone should vary based on the situation.

  • Talk with people, not at them. Reply to @mentions and address both positive and negative feedback. It’s a real-time network, so businesses shouldn’t keep followers waiting too long.

  • Keep Tweets conversational.  Be professional without being overly formal. Avoid business jargon when possible.

  • Think about how your followers will consume your content. Would they want to retweet it or pass it along to others? Incorporate humor, inspiration and newsworthy content to draw followers in.

My personal recommendation to businesses is, as far as possible, ensure your each tweet has at least one keyword. Since the major search engines, Google and Bing have indexed tweets to make them searchable, tweets with keywords will certainly help your search engine optimization efforts. Keep your Twitter IQ at an all time high and link to other social media platforms and to your website from Twitter, and your business can maintain a prolific Twitter footprint.

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