Eye-Catching Headings Get Noticed!

Our world as we know it is full of quiet noises. The web, and its millions of websites and blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts, and everything in between, feeds us constant diets of sometimes unpalatable content.

As a web consumer, you are also a web writer. This means that somebody reads your content. 

What can we do to let your content stand out?  Be relentless!  Safeguard what you write from it being tossed into the abyss of poorly written walls of boring content, that you know you will not read yourself.

Tip #2 – Headings 

Start by breaking up your web writing with catchy headings.  Your writing is your calling card; your kick-…(fill in the blanks) elevator pitch!  When well done, it makes your personal, professional or corporate brand catch the eyes of your audience.  You get noticed!

For example, when you hit a wall, you either try to climb it or walk away because it appears too high. But when you come to a wall with spaces through which you can fit, you  easily cross over to the other side to discover what lies ahead.  The same applies to web writing.  Walls of text make you lose readers!

Make content more readable by using headingsrevising content with with headingscranes2







These two images are from Redish’s book entitled: Letting go of the Words  (pg 65-70). In the book, she recommends re-writing the content to the left as it appears on the right. Here’s what I think.

Critique (Content to the left)

The content on the left is probably on its way to content purgatory, because:

  • The paragraph lacks readability.
  • The black text on the army green background makes reading almost painful.
  • The centred text is not at all encouraged in web writing. The jagged start and end points make reading it, difficult. When web readers meet a wall of text, they often just decide to leave the page
  • There are no headings to break up the monotony of the long paragraph
  • There is no picture to speak—a single word, far more—a thousand words
  • There is little or no white space to aid readability and design


As a web writer, well-written and catchy headings help you organize your thoughts, give readers the perfect “bite” or mouthful and help readers find what they are looking for…faster.

Next Post: What’s the word on grammar rules?  In fact, are there such rules?  To what extent should we follow them?  Find out in my next post. Happy Reading!


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