Define Your Audience

Defining your audience, the focus of this blog post, should set the appropriate tone for your next web writing project.  In this context, we are all writing for the Web.  So, be encouraged to write compelling stories and have awesome conversations with your intended audience.  As digital communicators, its key for all of us!

Tip#1- Define Your Audience

Before you start writing for the web, ask yourself, “Who is my audience.”  “For whom am I preparing this content?”  “Who will read what I am writing?”  Knowing your audience is paramount to refining your writing. Should your tone be conversational? Are you writing for a corporate audience?  Maybe you should write in teenager-ism?  No matter how excited you are to tell your story, be sure to tell it in the right context, that is, to the right audience that will get you the response that you want. In other words, defining your audience is a primary step to ensuring that you are effectively communicating with them.

One day, amidst tears, my five-year old daughter said to me:

“Mummy, I hear what you said, but I cannot understand all those big words you are using.” (Imagine my horror?) 

It’s the same when writing for the web. If you don’t tailor your message to your audience, it and they will be lost.  In other words, ensure the meal that you prepare soothes your guest`s palate. In fact, if defining your audience was a math equation, it would read: Targeted Audience + Rich Content = Awesome Conversations; a web writer’s dream!

Web readers are busy and only read content that they find interesting and that speaks to them.  After all, who doesn’t like having inspired conversations where you feel that the other person “gets” you? Once you know your audience or web visitors, engage them with great conversations, then sit back and watch them return like metal to magnet.

Wait…what? You still don’t know your audience? Then you run the very high risk of not reaching them at all or momentarily grabbing their attention but quickly losing them, along with your anticipated return on investment in your website, blog or other Web medium.

Next post: Creating Eye-Catching Headings.  Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “Define Your Audience

  1. I love your analogies! Knowing your audience really is key. As a first step if I’m in doubt, I try to ask myself who I think they are, why they’d be interested in the topic, what are their needs, etc.


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