5 Tips for Crafting Compelling Brand Stories

In my last post, I wrote about content marketing your brand. This week, I decided to write on a related topic - brand story-telling. Today, the more I look at brands owned by small and medium-sized business, I am not convinced that they are telling their brand stories well. And if they are, are their … Continue reading 5 Tips for Crafting Compelling Brand Stories


Content Marketing Your Brand – A Must!

We have seen and heard it consistently.  Content Marketing is King!  What does this mean? Global brands are allocating increasing budgets to Content Marketing and reaping the results. By now, you might be asking yourself, what does this mean for your brand right? To put it simply, it means that you should take a closer … Continue reading Content Marketing Your Brand – A Must!

To Blog or Not to Blog – Is That The Question?

It's been fun creating this blog and filling it with content. But I am now at a bittersweet crossroad.  Should I continue blogging? Should I continue blogging on this topic? Until I started this blog, I never thought that would ever be a question that I would ask myself. If I choose not to continue, I … Continue reading To Blog or Not to Blog – Is That The Question?

Dumb Things That E-book Writers Do?

Is e-book writing in your future? Tell us by taking the poll below.          Awesome! Whether you plan to write e-books or not, this could be an interesting read.  In fact, it could stimulate your interest in publishing this type of web content. We have already looked at writing remarkable content for … Continue reading Dumb Things That E-book Writers Do?

Only Remarkable White Papers Allowed!

Have you ever been invited to download a free white paper or whitepaper? I have downloaded quite a few over time and were always pleased that most of them were well-written, attractively presented and were chocked full of valuable content.  Writing white papers and disseminating them online is a very common practice for businesses today. … Continue reading Only Remarkable White Papers Allowed!

Are you Linkedin?

Linkedin.com describes itself as the world's largest professional network with 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe.  It's mission is to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. "When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great … Continue reading Are you Linkedin?

What’s your Twitter IQ!

Twettiquette or twittiquette may soon be added in the next revision of the Oxford English Dictionary, just as new words like twerk and crowdfund were added to the dictionary's June 2015 update. Short for Twitter etiquette, twettiquette is a slang used to describe acceptable "Twitter" behaviour, according to webopedia. I like to think of it as a measurement of Twitter IQ. … Continue reading What’s your Twitter IQ!

I have found you on Facebook. Now what?

In my previous post on "KISS-ed emails," I planned to focus on crafting effective email marketing campaigns.  However, much of the same rules for writing effective business emails apply to email campaigns. This and my next two posts will examine three popular social networking platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, more from a business perspective. Facebook Ever … Continue reading I have found you on Facebook. Now what?

Have you KISS-ed your emails lately?

Yes, you are right. I strongly believe that a KISS-ed email stands a better chance of getting read than an email that isn't.  While the acronym KISS gained its notoriety in a different context,  I am using two of its variations for the purpose of this post: KISS - Keep It Short and Simple / Keep … Continue reading Have you KISS-ed your emails lately?

Blog Like a Miniskirt!

What do you think a blog and a miniskirt have in common? I, too, couldn't make the connection at first.  However, I kept the image in mind and kept on reading.  By now, if you are thinking "length" then you are on the right track. According to A. Handley in her book, Content Rules, a … Continue reading Blog Like a Miniskirt!